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Bald Eagles Make a visit to Peachtree City Georgia

The following article is courtesy of Fox 5 Atlanta.

 – A pair of bald eagles and their young have been putting on quite a show in Peachtree City.

The birds have been seen each day this week with a curious crowd growing larger each time.

It’s believed the eagle family may have a nest there. If so, they may be the closest nest eagles to downtown Atlanta.

Photographer Dan Nelson of Peachtree has been taking photos of the eagles every day this week. He said he’s surprised that every day the eagles, which he described as majestic, are still there.

“They’ve been flying right over the top of your head and once in a while they go down for a fish themselves,” Nelson said.

Residents told FOX 5 that the eagle family has been around the area for a while, but this is the first time they’ve perched where so many spectators could enjoy them.

“No one ever thought they’d see a resident eagle or pair of eagles in Peachtree City,” Nelson said.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the eagle population has recovered amazingly since the 1970s. At that time, there was only one known eagle nest in the entire state.

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