All Paths lead to Caching

If discovering the outdoors is just your speed, then you will love Geocaching! Have you heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, here it is in a nutshell…

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a global GPS app-based “scavenger hunt” that has been around for over 20 years! A geocache (or a “cache” for short) is hidden and its coordinates logged into the app. Using the clues and the coordinates, you begin your search to find your cache. Caches will have a logbook inside (and some with special treasures if the cache is large enough) so that you can sign your name and log your journey. Here’s a quick video to help you better understand what geocaching is all about:


What is a cache exactly? Afterall, there’s over 2 million of them globally. Well, it can honestly be just about anything. It can be a tiny magnetic piece that you twist open to find a tiny logbook inside, it can be a large ammo container filled with treasures from other cachers, or it can even be a large “gadget cache” that requires you to solve puzzles to get the container open. The possibilities are pretty limitless with caches--that’s part of the fun!

Peachtree City has hundreds of Geocaches in and around town put out by local geocachers and even a series from Visit Peachtree City! Keep reading for some exciting PTC Geocaching news! :)

Check out this video to learn more about the different types of caches out there:

Caches To Check Out in Peachtree City

Check out a few caches to get your Geo adventure started in #myptc. These caches are great for those at any skill level.

The Girlscouts Silver Series in PTC:

  1. GC8B31Y | Comin’ Up Daises
  2. GC8BD1D | Brownie Bird
  3. GC8BD2T | Junior Plumbers
  4. GC8BD49 | Cadette Under Cover
  5. GC8BD56| Spectacular Seniors
  6. GC8BD5Q| Awesome Ambassadors

Visit Peachtree City Caches:

**This cache series is eligible for a non-trackable coin (while supplies last-very few left) when you fill out the GeoPath flyer from the Visitor Center! Keep reading for a PTC Geocaching announcement!**

  1. GC7QWE4 | This is how we roll
  2. GC7QQ0K | Spyglass Island
  3. GC7QRTW | The Gin Mill
  4. GC7QPT2 | Flat Creek Crossing
  5. GC7QPVQ | 3 Ponds Park
  6. GC7QPRK | In the Reads
  7. GC7QPZD | Shane tells Lori (TWD S2E2)
  8. GC7QPXK | Famous Fred
  9. GC7QPTM | Freedom Flyers
  10. GC7QPV0 | Dive and Dribble

Before You Go

Check out this video to learn more about the “need-to-knows” before you begin exploring:

If you enjoy your adventure Geocaching in Peachtree City, be on the lookout for more Geocaching fun coming your way.