Peachtree City Tennis Center Named a USTA Outstanding Facility

Top FIVE, FREE and FUN for Peachtree City!

Peachtree City is known for its boutique shopping and delicious dining destinations, but there are many ways to enjoy the city without spending a dime. Whether you have lived here for years, or you are visiting for a day or two, here are the Top 5 Free Things to Do:

  1. Explore the Golf Cart Paths: Peachtree City has over 100 miles of tree lined, paved paths that extend throughout the entire city. The path system is great for cyclists, dog walkers, joggers, and golf carts! These pathways lead to shopping, dining, playground, and nature areas! Whether you prefer to walk your dog, ride your bike, or run through the pathways, an excellent way to get to know the city better without reaching for the wallet is to simply put on some tennis shoes, grab a map, and enjoy the great outdoors.
  2. Attend an Event: Not only is Peachtree City the largest city in Fayette County, the area also has many events, clubs, and markets to attend at no cost! From farmer’s markets to festivals, Peachtree City never disappoints! Check out the event listings at
  3. Line Creek / Flat Creek Nature Preserves: Love the outdoors but don't want to drive far to enjoy beautiful scenery? Peachtree City’s Nature Areas are composed of over 100 acres of gorgeous land combining habitats such as an upland forest, granite outcroppings, and a flowing river. Visitors to the area can fish, have a picnic at the gazebo, or just take a dip in the fresh water. Additionally, several miles of nature trails are well maintained for the off-road adventurer.
  4. Find Geocaches: Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt that utilizes GPS enabled devices. The goal is to locate as many “treasures” (often small, hidden objects referred to as “caches” in containers) as possible using only clues and coordinates left behind by the person that first hid the prize. There are currently over 300 Geocaches that have been discreetly hidden around Peachtree City. In fact, Rand McNally listed Peachtree City as one of the top places for geocaching in the country!
  5. Dixie Wing WWII Aircraft Museam: Peachtree City is very fortunate to have several vintage aircraft on display in a hanger near Falcon Field Regional Airport. Stop by 1200 Echo Court for your chance to see and touch a little piece of American history. While admission is FREE, this volunteer organization always accepts donations of time and/or money to help keep the planes in tip-top shape!

For more information about any of these 5 things, stop by the Visitor Center and let the expert staff help you plan a relaxing, stress-free tour around Peachtree City.

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