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Sushi Tomi

Imagine a sushi bar where everyone knows your name. That's what Sushi Tomi is. Discover why the personnel of Hoshizaki, Yamaha, TKD, Rinnai, and Panasonic all prefer Sushi Tomi - because it's authentically Japanese! Yes, everyone has those cravings that hit often, it's more like an addiction really, for spicy tuna. But you can get that at any sushi bar, and just like that first step into uncharted territory of Japanese cuisine, you fall in love with it. Unlike the atmospheres of other sushi establishments, Sushi Tomi presents itself with a distinct laid-back vibe. It's no wonder that that Tomi's top-selling favorite is the "Trust Me Roll," because once you've experienced a Sushi Tomi dining experience, it brings you right back to that first bite of a California roll.

286 N Hwy 74, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269


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