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Flying Biscuit Café

How Many Biscuits should a biscuit maker bake? The owners thought they could round up a dozen or so and they wanted to make a few extra. So they ended up making 90 biscuits. They didn’t want to have too many leftovers. The next morning at 7am, The Flying Biscuit served its inaugural breakfast. Customers got their first taste of those now-famous “flying” biscuits and the first batch of biscuits sold out at 11am and The Flying Biscuit had to close the doors for the day, wondering if 120 biscuits would be enough for day 2. As the story goes they were wrong again. Each customer can enjoy fresh biscuits, or non-biscuit items like fresh salads or sandwiches, when they come to the Flying Biscuit Café.

2707 W. Hwy 54, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269


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