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Coldwater Creek

You know how when you are young, and you look at what your parents wear and you think “Ugh! Why are they wearing that?” and then, as you get older, your tastes change in clothing and you eventually find yourself in stores the younger you would have laughed at? That's Coldwater Creek with its casual and 30-40 women focus. Founded in 1984 by Dennis and Ann Pence, the Coldwater Creek sells its products in stores, through catalogs and online. The online outlet carries clothing that was featured during previous seasons with discounts from 50% to 70% off everything. Women will feel up-to-date with fashion trends and season specials including dresses, jackets and jeans. Within the accessories, find belts, hats, and beautiful scarfs.

508 Circle Gate, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269

(770) 631-0546

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