Multi Use Paths in Peachtree City

Hop aboard one of Peachtree City’s signature vehicles and learn how much better life can be at 15 miles per hour! Over 100 miles of cart paths connect you to upscale shopping, dining, parks and endless activities through the wooded scenery that makes Peachtree City special. The cart paths connect the town and provide a secondary means of access to almost any destination within city limits. For extra convenience, many places of business have designated golf cart parking spaces, and the Peachtree City Police Department has several golf carts patrolling the paths. This unique path system allows visitors to truly enjoy alternate transportation. In Peachtree City, you will get to experience a leisure lifestyle by trading a vehicle for a cart. Explore the city, view beautiful scenery and relax!


Visitor Information

The first stop to learn more about Peachtree City is the Visitor Information Center. Here, you will learn that Peachtree City, is a master-planned city near the world’s busiest airport, ATL.  No cars required. You can explore this destination on a golf cart! In the late 1950’s, developers created over 100 miles of paved cart paths that would connect residents and visitors to shopping, dining, resort-styled hotel/conference centers, golf, and other recreation. Bridges, tunnels, and paths wind through natural settings of lakes, parks, and playgrounds.  The multi-use path system is also ideal for runners, walkers, and cyclists.

Connect with The Peachtree City Convention & Visitors Bureau to help you plan a relaxing getaway. From hotel accommodations to golf cart rental, we have you covered! Also, see where music and movies meet! Peachtree City and the surrounding area is home to The Zac Brown Band, The Walking Dead, Sweet Home Alabama, Ant-Man and other major motion pictures.  Two popular tours include The Southern Hollywood Film Tour and the Zac Brown Headquarters tour.  Both give you a behind the scenes look at the entertainment industry and why Atlanta is quickly becoming the Hollywood of the south. Peachtree City is also a Geocachers paradise.  Use GPS technology to find hundreds of hidden caches.  Geocaching is fun, easy, and best of all – FREE!

In Peachtree City you’ll find a community with big ideas and big hearts, a place where Southern hospitality meets resort style living, a town that invites you to learn how much better life can be at 15 mph on a golf cart.