Meet the Locals:

GOTO Restaurant & Lounge
273 Commerce Dr.
Peachtree City, GA 30269

1.Tell us a little about who YOU are?
My late husband and I, Mariko Mibayashi, found this location at 273 Commerce Drive in the West Park Shopping and decided to check one off his bucket list by bringing Japan to Peachtree City and we did it.
I’m Mariko, owner of Goto Japanese Restaurant. My late husband, Gartrell, was always impressed with Japanese culture and food on our visits there. He wanted to bring the food and culture to South Atlanta by keeping it authentic so we have 2 chefs that came to the US to cook and fulfill Gartrell's desire to introduce that Japanese foods that are not limited to Sushi, hibachi - there are so many different varieties of foods and flavors.
However, my husband’s health declined right after we opened the door and passed away in September, 2018. I took over his dream and hoped to reach as many people as we could and introduce them to true Japanese foods directly from JAPAN. We are still here today with support from all our customers and my employees.

2. 3 fun facts about your local business
Restaurant is not pronouced “go to” it is pronouced Go-toh,
GOTO is my family surname
The logo is Marikos family Crest

3. What is something unique about your menu or on your menu that sets you apart?
It is true authentic Japanese food. You will not get fried rice and no hibachi, just delicious traditional Japanese meals you find in Japan.

4. What’s the most exciting thing about being a new business in Peachtree City?
It is exciting to serve customers that are excited and open to trying a different experience from what they may typically expect when stopping in and receiving all the wonderful feedback from them.
It is also exciting to hear from customers that are happy to have the meals they miss from visiting or living in Japan,

5. What would be a tip or piece of advice you give to someone who’s never visited Peachtree City before?
Be sure to get in a golf cart and experience this unique amenity this wonderful city has to offer. Trails will take you anywhere from Shopping, Amphitheatre, Nature Trails, GOTO :) etc....

6. Anything else new/exciting that you’d like to share?
We would like to add along with great food we also have great sake flights, craft beers and wine.