Meet the Locals:

Line Creek Brewing Company
150 Huddleston Road
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(678) 545-6024

1. Tell us a little about who YOU are?
Christopher Lane – General Manager – Lived in the area/worked in Peachtree City for 6 years.
Scott Prince – Taproom Manager – Grew up and went to school here
Rachel Haralson – Social Media and Marketing – Grew up and went to school here. Worked at all the PTC hot spots – the Shrimp, the Avenue, and Braelinn Golf Course

2. 3 fun facts about your local business.
Named after the local Nature Area
Our mascot is Muledo which is a mixture of the Mule from Mule Rock at Line Creek Nature area and Waldo. We hide him on all of our cans.
We support Southern Conservation Trust who manages Line Creek Nature Area with donations from our beer, #ConserveGeorgia

3. What makes your brew special?
Great People! From the Brewers making the beer to the patrons that give us feedback.

4. What’s the most exciting thing about being a business in Peachtree City?
Local Support!

5. What would be a tip or piece of advice you give to someone who’s never visited Peachtree City before?
Explore the paths and spend some time taking in the scenery wherever they lead you.

6. Anything else new/exciting that you’d like to share?
Everyone involved with the company is from Fayette and Coweta county…56 Investors and employees.