Meet the Locals:

Grazing Here
2850 Hwy 54 West
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Introduce yourselves, please!
Heather Wiggins- Manager- 2 ½ years at Grazing Here
Rhonda Epstein- General Manager - 5 ½ years at Grazing Here
Javier Duarte- Kitchen Manager- 5 ½ years at Grazing Here

What are 3 fun facts about Grazing Here that people should know before they go?
1. It’s farm to table! We get our meat from smaller family owned farms and our produce comes straight from the farmers market.
2. Everything here is made in-house including our homemade crabcakes, dressings, and all of our new delicious side options.
3. We have a full bar and live entertainment on the weekends along with lots of great stuff during the week days.
What is something unique on your menu that sets Grazing Here apart?
Our grass fed burgers and sweet potato fries!

How long have you been in business in Peachtree City?
Grazing Here has been in business for 8 years.

What would be a tip or piece of advice you give to someone who’s never visited Peachtree City before?
Peachtree City is a unique town with lots of golf cart paths leading to a lot of family owned restaurants and businesses.

Anything else new/exciting that you’d like to share?
Yes! We offer catering, a food truck, and a full service bar and restaurant. We also provide a family friendly atmosphere.