Positively PTC - Shining a Light on Hometown Helpers

Positively PTC - Shining a Light on Hometown Helpers

You know the saying, when life hands you lemons… While it’s no secret that recently times have been far less than easy, it’s in these dark times that light seems to shine even brighter. Here in Peachtree City, our community is beaming! People are stepping up and doing great things for one another to support, encourage, and keep each other safe the best they know how. We wanted to share a few stories of some hometown heroes that are doing their part to show that PTC has <3 and should certainly make you proud to be a part of #myPTC

Uniforms for America 

Photo credit: Facebook 

No stranger to helping the community, Uniforms for America Peachtree City raised and donated $11k for the community’s team in the Little League World Series to help families offset the cost of bringing their children to compete. Now, they have raised the bar by raising money to make masks that are then donated to hospitals, nurses, healthcare workers, and community first responders. The idea came about in response to nurses coming into their store to shop for uniforms and expressing their dire need for face masks. Uniforms for America has partnered with the Sew for Good Foundation and a local sewing group to create the masks. They’ve also begun selling t-shirts for $12 whose profits go toward the fund to create the masks. To support Uniforms for America you can visit uniformsforamericaptc.com or find them on Facebook @UniformsforAmericaPTC.

The Falcon RV Squadron 

Photo credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

These guys have heart--big, big hearts! Comprised of retired military pilots and local commercial and civilian pilots, these pilots are flying experimental units called RVs. They’ve taken their skills to show support for the healthcare industry and its patients locally. How? By skywriting gigantic hearts in the sky over hospitals as a message of encouragement. See the video and learn more about their story here

Highland Bakery and Kitchen Peachtree City

Photo credit: Facebook

Keeping bellies full is how Highland Bakery and Kitchen is showing their love and support during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Not only is this local favorite periodically offering free grilled cheese lunches to food insecure children in the community who lost access to their normal school lunches, but they also provided over 200 boxed lunches for Fayette Factor--a local non-profit organization who coordinates resources for childrens and families in Fayette County. 

To support Highland Bakery, you can follow them on Facebook @HighlandBakeryPTC or visit their website at highlandbakeryptc.com.

J. Andrew’s Bridal + Formal

Photo Credit: media.11alive.com

While a bridal and formal wear boutique may not be the first place you’d think of when it comes to crisis response, the team J. Andrew’s Bridal and Formal really stepped up to the plate when they realized their garment bags were made of the same material that medical masks are made from. “A lot of our brides are nurses,” store manager Sarah Heath said to 11 Alive, “It means a lot to us and we want to do what we can.”

You can support J. Andrew’s Bridal + Formal by following them on Facebook @jandrewsbridalandformal or visiting their website at jandrewsbridal.com

Peachtree Orthodontics

Photo credit: Facebook

What happens when you pair up a group of local orthodontists and dentists, a 3-D printer, and some swim goggles? A mask similar to the hard-to-find but widely in-demand N-95! Dr. Brian Bragassa and his team found a way to find a more protective mask (though not tested and approved by the FDA)that is better than a cloth or paper mask for our frontline workers to use. Hear more about how these mask donations are helping out our frontline workers here

Laser Precision Designs

Photo Credit: Facebook

Local manufacturers Laser Precision Designs took their tools and talent to good use by creating medical shields to aid in offsetting the chronic shortage of PPE used in the medical community. The company is working hard with the tools on hand and donations to complete these shields and donate them free of charge to area health professionals. The company launched a FundRazr to assist in the cost of manufacturing and delivering the shields. They currently have goal of $3,500. You can support the FundRazr by visiting this website.