Peachtree City is #theSpiritofTravel

Peachtree City is #theSpiritofTravel

This week is the celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week, an annual celebration put on by the US Travel Association to celebrate the travel and tourism industry and its impact in the USofA. This year, the primary message is “The Spirit of Travel” a way to honor the industry’s strength, selflessness and resiliency and the human spirit of travel with the joy and memories it brings. 

Communities from all over the US benefit from tourism with traveler’s interacting and spending their dollars at small businesses, restaurants, hotels, retailers, attractions, and countless other businesses in destinations large and small. When locals embrace that same spirit by supporting their local businesses, they play a key role in rebuilding their communities and supporting the friendly faces who work there. 

Though times right now are still a bit uncertain, the faces of Peachtree City bring a spirit of hope and resiliency that fuels them to push ahead. It’s your waiter at your favorite place to grab a burger, the manager at your go-to course to get a round of golf in, the front desk staff at the hotel your visiting family and friends lay their heads close by, the barista you start your day off saying “hello” to while grabbing a cup of coffee--all of them the spirit of travel.  It’s the memories of riding golf carts along lakes and creeks, the events on Drake Field, concerts at the Fred, and families coming in for some fun on the BMX track--all of them reasons travelers continue to love and support our community. 

So, during this #nttw2020 we challenge you to celebrate and thank those you know in the tourism industry and all the reasons why YOU are #thespiritoftravel. 

A big thank you to those partners who participated in #theSpiritofTravel video above: