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The Night Market Success

The concept of an evening market began hundreds of years ago as a way for day laborers to have a chance to buy, sell, and trade goods to others.  It was also a chance for them to socialize.  Fast forward to today, and Night Markets are popping up all around the country, creating an atmosphere for local commerce and community engagement.  Recently, a group of passionate individuals formed a committee to create an event like no other in Fayette County.  Combining local crafts people, musicians, and food trucks, the first Night Market was a reality on October 14th.  The response was incredible.  Participation exceeded expectations, proving that Peachtree City will happily support this kind of event.  The next Night Market will take place at Drake Field on November 11th.  More food trucks and beverage stations will be present to give the crowds a wider selection and drastically reduce wait times.  Artisan vendor applications are still pouring in, so expect a larger variety of merchants sharing their craftsmanship.

Original music is a large component of Night Market.  “The talent is top notch” says Nikki Sheets, Night Market committee member, “It wouldn’t surprise me if one day, some of these bands become nationally known for their music.”   The lineup for November 11th is: Sawyer & The Toms, Honey Hips, The Vinyl Suns, and The Night Shift.

Night Market is a free community event designed for adults to have a fun option for a night out in Peachtree City.


  1. John says:

    My wife and I just moved to Peachtree City, will there be a night market in 2018 coming up as well?

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