Smooth Pathways on Your New Year Goals

Come to Peachtree City and Pursue Your New Year at 15 mph
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What does Peachtree City mean to you? Is it a quiet retreat from the ATL? Is it a comfortable place to enjoy the best times; a more serene, yet vibrant place to raise a family?

For most of us, it’s all about the pace of life, whether resident or visitor. Everyone looks forward to riding along 100 miles of golf cart pathways. The 15-mph speed limit literally makes us slow down and appreciate the moments we have with one another, complete with fresh air and friendly waves when passing neighbors. Peachtree City was built on a plan to emphasize the natural beauty that surrounds the city and two signature lakes.

Whether you have your own golf cart, or visit one of the many rental companies, that golf cart is all you need for a fun day here. Zip through tunnels and bridges, ride lakeside and under shaded canopy, and have a blast discovering the city this New Year.

Since it’s January, we’ll go easy on you and challenge you to consider four simple goals. Let’s get started!

Goal No. 1: Stoke Your Creativity

The artists at Board & Brush Creative Studio are here to help you create your own unique piece of sign art. Do-it-yourself projects are much more fun when created in a group setting. Are you looking for a night out with friends? Want to create while making new friends? Book a Workshop for the ultimate paint and sip experience at Board & Brush Creative Studio in Peachtree City. Beer and wine are available for purchase in the studio. Check out more art galleries, studios and experiences while in Peachtree City.

Goal No. 2: See Hollywood of the South

Movies transport us across time, and across spaces both familiar and unfamiliar. When you can experience an actual location where a movie or television show was filmed, it makes the moment extremely satisfying. It’s like “make believe” has come to life in the form of an old house, a bridge, a street, a storefront. With tours leaving from Peachtree City, you can connect with area film destinations by booking an experience with Southern Hollywood Film Tour. Guests on the tours get an exclusive insight into the who-you-know world where film secrets most people don’t know are shared. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead television series, plus the movies Fried Green Tomatoes, Sweet Home Alabama, and Spider-Man: Homecoming, among many other famous films and shows – count yourself lucky to be on the Southern Hollywood Film tour!

Goal No. 3: Access Good Food and Good Vibes

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning (9am-1 pm) amazing fresh food and local connections await you. Peachtree City Market brings people together twice a week at the iconic Aberdeen Shopping Center. Food, gifts, and local musicians are here year-round, rain or shine. Shaded by trees and wide-open space, farmers, foodies, dogs, and children connect with the common goal of friendship, food, and sustainable living. Saturday’s market hosts approximately 60 vendors offering a variety of fresh produce, poultry, beef and pork, bread, sweet treats, honey, eggs, prepared foods, and much more. You can buy the ingredients to make your special dinner or buy it all prepared. Support the local vibes and flavors of your Peachtree City Market.

Goal No. 4: Join Your First Half Marathon or 5K!

On Saturday, January 13 the Rotary Club of Peachtree City is hosting its first Half Marathon, building on the success of its many other racing fundraisers. The Rotary Club has had a long relationship in our local community working toward healthy children and reducing childhood obesity through its partnership with the Elementary Schools. Did you know? The Rotary has hosted 5K races at more than 15 elementary schools each year raising approximately $100,000 for those schools! Support a good cause while working in a New Year goal to start the year with a healthy run, jog, spring, walk and roll.

Stay longer than a weekend. You deserve a lifestyle that is slowed down so that you can ramp it up any way you’d like. See our hotels and accommodations. Peachtree City is sparkling this New Year!